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Holiday Property Listing Package Dataflow

There are two types of holiday property listing users:-

1) Private Holiday Property Lister (PHPL)

This is an individual who owns the actual property to be listed onto the site for it to be rented/ to let or is looking for someone to buy their holiday property.

This user gets 2 free property listing in the first year to be used on a single property to be rented or to be listed as for sale or both.

E.g. Apartment X in Country X can be listed for rental and for sale or both.

You can have a different property for sale and a different property for rental it doesn’t  have to be the same property. But if you want the same property to be for a sale and rent this will classed as the two listing being used.

2) Travel Agencies / Holiday Property Estate Agents, Holiday Properties Owners (HPO)

This is a company/agency that has several holiday properties to be rented/ to let on behalf of their client or is looking for someone to buy a holiday property on behalf of their client. E.g., airbnb or a small holiday agent

This user gets 20 free properties listing in the first year to be used on a multiple properties to be rented or to be listed as for sale or both.

E.g. Apartment X in Country X can be listed for rental or for sale or the both.

You can have different properties listed for sale and different properties for rental  or same properties listed for both for a maximum of 20 listings.

Both listing user types can change, remove their listings anytime.

Rental Listing Only

Should show a calendar with the dates the property is going to be available. With an option set as default to show the rental property being available all year. If somebody book the holiday property for e.g. two weeks the holiday property user must go into their listing an update these the listing showing the property won’t be available for the two weeks that somebody has booked.

Process showing the difference between a PHPL and a HPO

Table showing how the listings can be used for the two different listing user types.


Listing User Type




For Sale


Both Rental / For Sale

PHPL1 different property1 different property0
PHPL00Same property for sale and rent
HPO20 different property00
HPO19 different property1 different property0
HPO18 different property2 different property0
HPO17 different property3 different property0
HPO16 different property4 different property0
HPO15 different property5 different property0
HPO14 different property6 different property0
HPO13 different property7 different property0
HPO12 different property8 different property0
HPO11 different property9 different property0
HPO10 different property10 different property0
HPO9 different property11 different property0
HPO8 different property12 different property0
HPO7 different property13 different property0
HPO6 different property14 different property0
HPO5 different property15 different property0
HPO4 different property16 different property0
HPO3 different property17 different property0
HPO2 different property18 different property0
HPO1 different property19 different property0
HPO020 different property0
HPO0010 same property
HPO1 different property1 different property9 same property
HPO2 different property2 different property8 same property
HPO3 different property3 different property7 same property
HPO4 different property4 different property6 same property
HPO5 different property5 different property5 same property
HPO6 different property6 different property4 same property
HPO7 different property7 different property3 same property
HPO8 different property8 different property2 same property
HPO9 different property9 different property1 same property

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